December 2005
Disc 1: 58:47
    • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
    • Gil Rose, conductor

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    Track listing

    Disc 1 
     The Five Senses - Windows of the Mind (2003)
    1.I. Proclamation
    2.II. In the Beginning
    3.III. An Ode to the Nose
    4.IV. An Elizabethan Love Apple
    5.V. And I Did Eat of the Apple
    6.VI. The Four Provinces
    7.VII. Psalm to the Mouth
    8.VIII. Alpha and Omega
    9.IX. Let There Be Words and Lies
    10.X. Seeing Is Believing
    11.XI. Look Out!
    12.XII. Perception
    13.XIII. Let There Be Light
    14.XIV. Proclamation
     The Age of American Passions (1999)
    15.I. Animosities
    16.II. In the Spirit of Compassion
    17.III. Affirmations

    News and Press

    [CD Review] Stephen Paulus: The Five Senses, Windows of the Mind

    Admit it: You giggled when someone who certainly was no James Earl Jones whined out Peter and the Wolf or Copland’s A Lincoln Portrait with your local community orchestra. Even worse was the suffering through the uppity soprano who mangled Pierrot Lunaire while you were in music school. And don’t even get me started on the past-Weillian spoken chorus work in Blitzstein’s Regina.

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    [Press Release] BMOP releases 10th world premiere CD - Stephen Paulus: The Five Senses

    The Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP), under artistic director and conductor Gil Rose, is pleased to announce the release of the world premiere recording Stephen Paulus: The Five Senses, featuring Janet Bookspan, narrator, on Arsis Audio. This release marks the tenth CD from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project in less than three years. "BMOP's recordings have become an important part of the organization and it's very exciting to be releasing our tenth CD," comments Rose.

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