Odyssey Opera reunites with BMOP to bring Norman Dello Joio's made-for-TV opera to the stage for the first time. The Trial at Rouen features soprano Heather Buck as Joan of Arc during her time of imprisonment. Dello Joio's The Triumph of Saint Joan Symphony, drawn from his first Joan of Arc-inspired opera, opens the program.

David Del Tredici's landmark Neoromantic work, Child Alice receives its first commercial release on BMOP/sound. Soprano Courtenay Budd shines in this epic, evening-length piece inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Celebrated for his masterful use of orchestral color and probing integration of influences classical and modern, composer Jeremy Gill shines with three unique concertos on BMOP/sound's latest release, Before the Wresting Tides.

BMOP/sound presents Paul Moravec’s contemporary update to the vaunted tradition of the oratorio. The Blizzard Voices chronicles a dramatic episode in American history: the fearsome “Schoolhouse Blizzard” that hit the Great Plains in 1888. Setting poetry by US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, Moravec crafts a work of devastating power.