Chen Yi draws from her life and travels on Concertos for String Instruments, with works inspired by the music of her hometown to an architectural landmark of Dresden, Germany.

Boston Magazine named BMOP the Best of Boston® 2018 - Classical Music Ensemble!

BMOP releases the first recording of orchestral music by British-born, Boston-based composer Peter Child. Shanti headlines the disc, inspired by Child's time spent studying in Madras, India (now Chennai). Rounding out the CD are the concert overture Jubal and the symphonic triptych Adirondack Voices.

Percussionist Wang Beibei performs Anthony Paul De Ritis's The Legend of Cowherd and Weaver Girl as part of BMOP's concert A Thousand Mountain, A Million Streams at Jordan Hall on April 21, 2018. Photo credit: Clive Grainger