John Zorn is an American composer and saxophone player. He owns his own record company (called Tzadik), so he's free to do whatever he wants. He's used this freedom to write and record dozens of strange and beautiful albums. By the end of the 1990s, he was releasing at least six per year. He is inspired by other artists and different musical styles. He has a special attraction to underground artists and musical styles that are extremely loud, wild, or creative. These influences can lead to a single song, an album, or a series of albums. His interest in cartoon music, for example, has led him to compose a string quartet of cartoon themes, cartoon music for solo piano, and the soundtrack for an animated TV show. His other interests include Jewish music, improvisation, film soundtracks, and musical hybrids (combining more than one style in the same song). In some cases, he'll write a tribute to a specific artist, trying to capture the spirit of their work in a single song. Some of his work is very aggressive and abstract - he likes to use noise as an element in composing.


Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory | January 17, 2004
Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory | February 21, 1997

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[Press Release] BMOP announces 10th anniversary season

BMOP announces that its 10th anniversary season will open on November 3, 2006 at Jordan Hall. For 10 years BMOP has been Boston's only orchestra dedicated exclusively to performing and recording new music. Led by founding Artistic Director Gil Rose, BMOP is considered to be the premier orchestra for new music in the country.

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