Min Xiao-Fen (闵小芬) is a highly acclaimed artist known for her exceptional talent as a soloist, vocalist, and composer. She has reinvented the 2000-year history of the pipa, an instrument native to China. Trained in classical music in her home country, Ms. Min became a sought-after performer of traditional music. After relocating to the United States, she began collaborating with prominent figures in modern jazz, free improvisation, experimental, and contemporary classical music. Praised by NPR’s Weekend Edition as "one of the world's greatest virtuosos," The New York Times raved that her singular work “has traversed a sweeping musical odyssey.” Min's virtuosity has earned her widespread acclaim. Notable works include the 2021 album White Lotus; the deeply personal 2017 release Mao, Monk and Me, which explores the music of Thelonious Monk; and 2012’s Dim Sum spotlights the stunning scope of her compositions. In 2023, Min received a prestigious commission from the Smithsonian Institution to compose soundtracks for two Chinese silent films from the 1920s.