New Word Guitar Trio was an eclectic, contemporary ensemble founded by David Patterson (guitarist) in 1988. After its inception, the Trio quickly gained notoriety for its highly-charged and refined performances which often defied the standard conceptions of the classical guitar repertoire. As the group’s musical director and arranger, Patterson earned exceptional praise for his innovative programming and his "ingenious transcriptions of solo piano, chamber, and orchestra works" (Guitar Player magazine). The ensemble had no first, second or third guitarists, but rather, a fluid exchange of leading and supporting roles, tailored to each player’s style. This flexibility allowed for individual freedom of expression, resulting in the exceptional dynamism that characterized the Trio’s acclaimed performances.

Between 1988 and 1997, the members of the Trio included David Patterson, Thomas Noren, and Dean Harada. Harada left the group and was replaced by Thomas Rohde in the spring of 1997. After 15 years of success, the Trio members disbanded in 2003 to pursue individual projects.


Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory | February 21, 1997