alto saxophone

Starting her career in Berlin, Germany in the early 80s, Nicole Kämpgen has been involved in a wide variety of ensembles: founding an all-female saxophone quartet; performing in various jazz ensembles, big bands, and horn sections in a number of settings; freelancing with various Berlin-based jazz players including Billy Bang, Tony Hurdle, Paul Brody, Mack Goldsbury, Michael Rodach, and Kenny Martin, and producing and performing in six musical theater productions. She has performed the music of Jim Pepper, arranged and conducted by Gunther Schuller, which was released as Witchi Tai To together with Ed Schuller, George Schuller, Kirk Lightsey, Bill Bickford, and the WDR Radio Orchestra. Other recordings include Sonic Temples with Ran Blake, where she appeared as a guest artist, and Brooklyn Primal presents Evidence with Ed Schuller, Bil McHenry, Jerome Harris, and Peter Davenport, which was released in June 2015.


Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory | November 22, 2015