October 2002
Disc 1: 73:59
  • Boston Modern Orchestra Project
  • Gil Rose, conductor

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Track listing

Disc 1 
1.Black Sounds (1965)
 Cantio Sacra (1953)
2.Choralis in Cantu
3.Choralis in Cantu
4.Choralis in Tenore
5.Choralis in Cantu
6.Choralis in Cantu
7.Biemium contrapumento duplici
8.Choralis in Cantu
9.Choralis in Tenore
10.Choralis in Basso
11.Choralis in Basso
12.Choralis in Cantu
13.Choralis in Cantu Colorato
 Phaedra (1973)
14.Aria: "In May, in brilliant Athens"
15.Orchestral Interlude: Black Sails
16.Aira: "You monster!"
17.Orchestral Interlude: Theseus' homecoming
18.Supplication: "Thesus, I heard the deluge of your voice"
19.Cabaletta: "My last calamity has come"

News and Press

[CD Review] George Rochberg: Black Sounds; Cantio Sacra; Phaedra

Black Sounds, written for a ballet depicting the act of murder, is an unrelentingly intense work that packs a good deal of violence into its 17 minutes. George Rochberg thought of the piece as an “homage” to Varèse, and indeed with its stark, near-atonal language, repetitive phrases, and broad, colorful percussion array, it sounds a good deal like the French/American composer’s music, including its scoring for wind ensemble.

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