Friday, September 25, 2009 | 7:00pm
Samuel Barber Nuvoletta, opus 25 (1947)
Samuel Barber The Daisies, opus 2 (1927)
Samuel Barber With Rue my Heart is Laden, opus 2 (1928)
Samuel Barber Bessie Bobtail, opus 2 (1934)
Samuel Barber Of that so sweet imprisonment (10 Early Songs) (1935)
Samuel Barber Love at the door (10 Early Songs) (1934)
Samuel Barber Au Clair de la Lune (1926)*
Samuel Barber La Nuit (1925)*
Samuel Barber Mélodies Passagères, opus 27, "To Francis Poulenc and Pierre Bernac" (1950-51)
Samuel Barber Strings in the earth and air (10 Early Songs) (1935)
Samuel Barber My Fairyland (1924)*
Samuel Barber Monks and Raisins, opus 18 (1943)
Samuel Barber Thy Love (1926)*
Samuel Barber Dere Two Fella Joe (1924)*
Samuel Barber Ask Me to Rest (1926)
Samuel Barber A Nun Takes the Veil, opus 13 (1937)
Samuel Barber Slumber Song of the Madonna (10 Early Songs) (1925; originally for voice and organ)
Samuel Barber October Weather (1923)*
Samuel Barber Three Songs, opus 45 (1972)

*Unpublished songs, obtained by special permission from the US Library of Congress and Barber's estate

Alison d'Amato, Aaron Engebreth, and Anne Kissel, Artistic Directors

Voice of America is presented in partnership with Florestan Recital Project and Tufts University Department of Music.

Tickets are available for purchase online through the American Repertory Theater website or by calling the A.R.T. Box Office at 617.547.8300 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

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[Concert Review] Florestan, BMOP offer sublime tribute to vocal music

The Boston Modern Orchestra Project had a good idea last weekend. They paired with the Florestan Project, a superb vocal group, to present three days of concerts named “Voice of America” at Tufts University’s Distler Performance Hall. Florestan presented the complete songs of Samuel Barber, some 75 in number. The Sunday afternoon concert I attended then featured a chamber-music-sized BMOP with concerted songs of Samuel Barber and Virgil Thomson. Florestan and BMOP together offered a sublime tribute to the voice.

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